Our Story

About Us

We love Botanic Garden and started collecting Portmeirion around 1991 and since have acquired about 5,000 pieces, sold around 3,000, and still have a few thousand to go... After seeing so many pieces in person, we are familiar with what type of flaws, both factory and man made, to look for when examining a piece and describe every little flaw we observe.

And, nobody but nobody, on the internet packs better or more secure then we do! The most awful sound in the world is the clink-clink of broken pottery you can hear even before the box is opened. We use the best new materials, pack tightly using plenty of bubble wrap, and do our absolute best we can to avoid disappointment.

Factory flaws are very common on Portmeirion and other flaws are easy to miss. It is hard to describe a piece of pottery in writing or maybe an item is not what you expected. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and cheerfully accept returns for any reason. If we missed something in the description we will pay for return postage. Otherwise, we will issue a full refund on return of the item.

Our Location

We are located in Northern Illinois and sell Portmeirion Pottery almost exclusively. Our address is:

James Polanek
P. O. Box 87
Ringwood, IL 60072
U. S. A.


We sell mostly Portmeirion and have handled thousands of modern and vintage pieces. We know what to look for.

We offer a 100% Guarantee, including return shipping, if an item is not as described.

We NEVER offer any Portmeirion dish, plate, or piece for food service that could be unhealthy and has:

  • Brown grease or dirt stains (except for shelf wear on a bottom ring)
  • 'Dirty' crazing
  • Crack, hairline or otherwise
  • Man made chips (glazed over factory flaws are common)
  • Excessive wear.
Anything that has one or more above issues is worth only a small fraction of the same item in undamaged condition. Often, even retired motifs are not worth the cost of shipping.

We offer quality items that have been carefully inspected under two lights and soaked in water, if an older piece, looking for hidden flaws.

Except for very tiny stacking marks, we describe every bit of use or flaw we see.

Buy with confidence!