The Blackhawk SALAD DRESSING Available At Local Chicago Stores


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
Don Roth's Blackhawk salad dressing is available in Chicagoland at many Jewel, Dominick's and Sunset food stores. Contact your local store for availability.

"This is our famous Blackhawk spinning salad bowl consisting of 21 ingredients, including a variety of fresh pulled greens. First we spin the bowl and apply the basic dressing. Next we add a bit of special seasoning, and then some chopped egg. We mix the salad a total of six times only, very gently, three now and three times later in order not to bruise the tender greens. Next we add some freshly ground pepper and our special blue cheese dressing. We now mix the salad three more times. And serve — topped with anchovies or shrimp."