Portmeirion Welsh Dresser SALAD BOWL 9 Inch-SOLD!


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
A minty Portmeirion Welsh Dresser 9 inch salad bowl with a partial UPC code still attached to the bottom.

It is in perfect condition with no flaws or signs of use. The UPC code is still attached to the bottom. However, it has an X scratched through the ID mark. I looked and looked and even soaked it in water looking for flaws. The only flaw I see is very minor pin-head sized red mark near the bottom foot. There is also a tiny glaze bubble (very common) on the inside bottom. I have no idea why this bowl has an X through the ID.

Otherwise, it is perfect with no wear or signs of use. Please be sure to look below to see a full description and lots more photos.

Please click above to see a complete description and full set of photos.