Portmeirion Pomona B And B Plate PRINCESS OF ORANGE PEAR-SOLD!


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
A new Pomona bread and butter plate featuring the retired and hard to find Princess Of Orange Pear fruit. It is in mint condition with no sign of use or damage. The only flaw I see is a typical very small and fully glazed over tiny dimple in the white area of the plate.

Pomona dishes have been produced both with and without an Ivy border. This dish is the older borderless style. Borderless plates have been retired and replaced by an Ivy border on the edges. The plate was produced for sale at the Portmeirion factory store after the borderless style was discontinued. Accordingly, it is a Special Decoration with a dark green oval 2nds ID mark. A lighter green backstamp is used on pieces with a flaw.

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