Portmeirion Information

Here are a few pages we wrote about Portmeirion Pottery, especially Botanic Garden, and a few photo galleries. There are more to come soon so please check back often!

  • Botanic Garden Backstamp Guide   Please click this link to see a page of Botanic Garden Backstamps or ID Marks. Many ID Marks are represented with a photo, general timeframe, and description of each!
  • Botanic Garden Motif List   Click this link and see all retired and current Portmeirion Botanic Garden motifs, over 70 in all, on the right side of this page. There is at least one photo of each flower and more photos if there is more than one major variety of the motif.
  • Pomona Goddess Of Fruit Motif List   Click this link and on the right side of this page you will see a complete list of all Pomona fruit motifs along with a picture of each fruit.
  • Birds Of Britain Motif List   On the right side of the page, this link will show a list of all Birds Of Britain motifs. Each bird has its retirement status, a Portmeirion 1794 Donovan drawing and another 1800's drawing by March.
  • Botanic Garden Thimbles   Click this link to see a photo gallery of the entire Botanic Garden Collector Club Thimble set. A rare set produced in 1986 only!
  • Botanic Garden Christmas And Year Bells   This link goes to a photo gallery of Portmeirion Christmas Bells from 1992 through 2000 and Year Bells from 2001 through 2005.
  • Portmeirion Condition FAQs   Must read at least once! Describes many aspects of condition such as crazing, scratches, etc. on Portmeirion Pottery.