Payment Options


We use Paypal as our payment gateway. You can pay though your Paypal account, if you have one, or pay directly using your credit card. This set up is very secure! None of your financial or card information is ever stored on our website.


Of course, money orders and personal checks (held for 10 days) are also very welcome.


On our website, you have an option to create a permanent account or not. An account on our website is NOT necessary to make a purchase. At checkout time, you have an option to Login as a new or returning customer or Proceed To Checkout Without An Account. If you do not opt for an account, your Name and Address info is kept in our system on your order, but there is no account set up.

After putting your purchases in a shopping cart, please proceed through our checkout process pages. On the Payment Information page you can select to pay by either 'Check / Money Order' or by 'Credit Card or Paypal'.

If you select the 'Credit Card or Paypal' payment option, you will be taken to the 'Order Confirmation' page.

When you click on the 'Confirm Order' button, you will be taken to the payment gateway where, after a few seconds, you will see a page asking you to either log in to your Paypal account or pay directly by credit card.

The option to login to your Paypal account is on the right. On the left, you will see a 'Don't have a Paypal account?' message. Just click on the Continue link to proceed to pay by Credit or Debit card. If you do have a Paypal account but select the Credit Card option, you might get a message trying to get you to pay by Paypal. If so, please just ignore the message and ignore any Login to Paypal on the right side of the screen.

As always, if you run into any snags or have questions about how to pay, please Contact Us! We're always happy to help...