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Featuring The Wheeling Logo - Used, But Still Nice Condition!

I am pleased to offer a 10.75 inch wide Wilton Armetale custom made Don Roth's Blackhawk plate that carries a large Wheeling logo. These unique dishes were used in the late 1960's through the early 1980's at the Wheeling restaurant location. Also called a charger plate, is a hard to find souvenir of by gone days.

This item is metal but is food safe! We have multiples of this item available and likely does show some varying degrees of wear. However, the logo will be crisp and will not have any major damage.

Don Roths Queen Anne Armetale Charger Plate

On the back there are several impressed ID marks. One is 'WILTON, Philadelphis, PA'. There are several other hallmarks on each plate and were not able to find more information about them. Please feel free to contact us and will try to photograph or describe the marks.

Don Roths Queen Anne Armetale Charger Plate Logo

Size 10-3/4 wide at the widest point across the top and 7-1/2" across the bottom foot
It is a heavy and sturdy plate!
Metal Look and color of pewter. Made by Wilton, the dish is food safe.
Chips/Cracks None
Stains None
Use Marks It was used at the restaurant and there is likely some surface wear and minor shallow scratches. We are not familiar with how a brand new Armetale plate should look, so please let us know if we can answer any question you might have about its condition.
Other Comments A 'retired' Armetale Queen Anne style dish from Don Roth's Blackhawk in Wheeling!

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