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HUGE And Very Rare Storage Jar - Excellent Condition!
I am pleased to offer a very rare, probably the most rare Pomona item, Portmeirion 'Raisin de Carmes' grape bread crock. This fruit was only made in small quantities for use on large pieces. The Raisin was retired many years ago and is rarely seen today. This is the only Raisin grape bread crock I have ever seen in the USA and only have seen a few for sale in the UK. It is just HUGE at about 14 inches high!

It is in near mint condition with no crazing and little, if any, signs of use. Please be sure to look below and see a full description with lots of photos.

Portmeirion Pomona Bread Crock Top

The Raisin de Carmes grape was made for a short time in small numbers and used on large serving pieces like this bread crock, a platter, and also on tea towels. The transfers on this piece are especially large.

Portmeirion Pomona Bread Crock
---> Alternate View <---

There are four L'Imperatrice Plum transfers on the lid. This fruit is also retired and is the last version used with purple accents on the fruit edge.

Portmeirion Pomona Crock Lid
---> Lid <---

There are 3 very large Raisin transfers around the base.

Portmeirion Pomona Crock Side
---> Side View <---

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Size Approximately 10" across and 14-1/2" to the top of the handle
Transfer Repeated 3 times around, the transfers are crisp and have great deep color.

To be completely accurate, one grape has a very small (less than pea sized) skew in the transfer. The fault is completely under the glaze. Another grape has a tiny pin head sized transfer cut, also probably from the factory. I imagine it must have been very difficult to apply a transfer this large.
Ground Very white
Glaze No crazing, nice shiny glaze, and no flaws
Chips/Cracks None
Stains None, except for a very slight bit of common shelf wear on the unglazed bottom foot where it sits on a surface
Use Marks None
Other Comments The most rare and impressive Pomona piece to add to your kitchen!

The ID mark is a salmon colored 'Goddess' Pomona stamp. The bread crock was made in the early 1990's.

---> Bottom and ID Mark <---
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