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For Kew Royal Gardens - Mint With Tags!

I am pleased to offer a 15" oval plate designed in 1996 by Angarad Menna and produced for the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. This hand painted plate, as well as other hand painted Portmeirion items, were unfortunately discontinued in 1997.

This platter is in super condition and still has the original UPC code attached!

Portmeirion Kew Magnolia 15 Inch Platter

Portmeirion Kew Magnolia 15 Inch Platter ID Mark
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Size 15-1/4" by 11-1/2"
Transfer Perfect, colorful and bright
Ground Very white
Glaze Perfect, no crazing or other flaw noted
Chips/Cracks None
Stains None
Use Marks None
Other Comments The bottom is all glazed, so probably is not meant for the oven and should be used for serving only.

An elegant and beautiful portmeirion serving platter!

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