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Wilmot's Early Red Gooseberry Base With L'Imperatrice Plum Lid

I am happy to offer a very, very rare medium 5.5 inch high Pomona ceramic lidded canister, It carries the retired Wilmot's Early Red Gooseberry on the bottom and a L'Imperatrice Plum (black accents) on the lid. Ceramic lidded jars are very rare in the Pomona range as they were discontinued just as Pomona was introduced as a new pattern in 1982.

This unusual canister is in as great condition as can be with NO crazing or flaws and a lid that still has a perfect seal. Please be sure to look below to see more photos and full details.

Portmeirion Pomona Ceramic Lidded Canister

Portmeirion ceramic lidded canisters were made for a short time in the late 1970's to early 1980's and are hardly ever seen in the Pomona pattern.

Portmeirion Pomona Ceramic Lidded Canister Side View
---> Wilmots Side View <---

The Wilmot's Early Red Gooseberry motif was one of the first retired many years ago. It is no longer available and uncommon today.

The L'Imperatrice Plum lid carries the earliest version of the fruit with black accents on the fruit.

Portmeirion Pomona Ceramic Lidded Canister Lid
---> L'Impetrice Plum Lid <---

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Size about 5-3/8" high, including the lid, and a touch under 4" wide
Transfer The Wilmot's Early Red Gooseberry is found once on the base. The Wilmot's and Plum transfer are both perfect with no flaws and have excellent bright color.
Ground Very white
Glaze No crazing and very shiny glaze overall with no other flaws seen
Chips/Cracks None
Stains None, except for a very, very slight bit of minor shelf wear on the bottom unglazed ring where it sits on a surface. Please see the photo below.
Use Marks None
Other Comments The sealing gasket is excellent and holds a nice tight seal.

A very rarely seen Pomona ceramic lidded canister in wonderful condition. And, including the hard to find Wilmot's Early Red motif!

The ID mark is a brown round Goddess of Fruit ID mark used until about 1985.

---> Bottom <---

---> ID Mark <---

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