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Interesting 1960s Jar - 6 Inch High - Very Nice Condition!

I am happy to present an unusual 6 inch high Portmeirion Samarkand jar made sometime in the 1960's. It is in great condition with no crazing anywhere except for the top of the lid which has some associated very pale stained crazing. Please be sure to look below for a complete description and photo of the lid.

Portmeirion Jar

Susan Williams-Ellis bought Kirkham Pottery around 1960 and this pattern might be made from an old Kirkham blank.

Portmeirion Jar Lid
---> Lid <---

This canister is unusual because rather than the design being a transfer, the pottery is embossed with the pattern and then hand painted. Most vintage Portmeirion carry a transfer.

Portmeirion Jar Design Close Up
---> Design Close Up <---

Portmeirion Jar Design Top View
---> Top Angle View <---

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Size About 5" across the top and a little over 6" high
Paint The painted areas are excellent with no loss of paint or fading
Ground Very white
Glaze Very shiny glaze with no flaws seen. The bottom has no crazing that I can see. The lid has some crazing only seen on the top and none on the underside. There is a little very pale staining in the crazing. If you look closely, you can see it in the photo of the lid.
Chips/Cracks None
Stains None except for the crazing as mentioned above and a little shelfwear on the bottom unglazed foot as seen in the photo below.
Use Marks None, but likely has been used at least for display.
Other Comments A rare and hard to find piece of vintage hand painted Portmeirion Samarkand in super condition!

The jar has a full Samarkand ID mark on the bottom. The two dots on the left side is the paintress' mark.

---> Bottom <---

---> ID Mark <---
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