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Huge And Heavy - 13 Inches Across - Retired - Nice Clean Condition!

I am happy to present a wonderful large Portmeirion Cardew Botanic Garden China Stall teapot. The 'China Stall' holds lots of Botanic Garden miniatures and there is even a tiny teapot on the back. Please see the photos below to see all these tiny miniatures on the teapot.

Made in August of 1995, the condition is excellent with only some VERY clean and hard to see crazing present. Crazing is quite common on these older Botanic Garden teapots. Otherwise, there are no flaws or signs of wear.

Cardew China Stall Large Teapot

From my files, I have literature that says:

This unique teapot is entirely handmade by craftsmen in England. Incorporated into the teapot are miniature Portmeirion shapes, making it the ideal piece for collectors. Each teapot takes over 7 days to complete and is a unique work of art. However, the teapot is decorative and not suitable for everyday use. We hope it gives you and future generations lasting pleasure.

Since this teapot has been designed solely for decorative use, we would advise you to use it for decorative purposes only. Placing this item in a dishwasher is not recommended, instead we advise that you wash the teapot in a normal solution of mild washing detergent and warm water.

Cardew China Stall Large - Handle Side
---> View Of Side <---

The China Stall design was retired a number of years ago, I think around 2000 or 2001. Cardew has not made any Portmeirion teapots for many years. This teapot is marked 08/95 on the bottom so was made in August of 1995.

Below, a close up view of the front shows the teapot loaded with many BG accessories. We have a Christmas Rose large cache pot and coffee pot, two Forget Me Not cups and saucers, two Rhododendron mugs, two Variations tea plates, a Cyclamen pitcher, Dog Rose teapot, and Passion Flower canton vase. The best piece is a Peony soup tureen! To get a better idea of size of the minis, the Peony soup tureen is about 2 inches high and 1-3/4 inches wide from handle to handle.

Cardew China Stall Large Teapot - Close Up Of Center
---> Close Up Of Front <---

This teapot is in excellent clean condition with overall hard to see VERY clean crazing. Most of the miniatures are free of crazing. I do not see any man-made flaws or wear. There are no chips, cracks, missing paint, or any other flaw that I can see.

It is 9" high to the top of the lid, about 13" wide from handle to end of spout, and almost 7" deep.

As on most Cardew teapots, attention to detail is also seen on the back. There is even a miniature teapot tucked away on a shelf.

Cardew China Stall Large Teapot - Back View
---> View Of Back <---

It will be packed very securely for shipping to its new owner. Large Cardew teapots are VERY fragile and nobody on the internet packs them as well as I do. Because they are so fragile, I like to ship them in moderate temperatures where it is not below 40 degrees or above 80 degrees at my location or yours.

The bottom is stamped with an oval shiny gold Portmeirion ID mark and the words 'Hand Wash Only, Made In England'. The number 08/95 (date of manufacture) is painted in gold.

---> Bottom <---

---> ID Mark <---

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