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Retired Pink And Peach Version Of Motif - Minty With Modern ID Mark!

I am pleased to offer a lovely 10 inch Botanic Garden Honeysuckle or Pericylmenum Lonicera dinner plate. The Honeysuckle was made in a dark (more common) and pale version. This plate is the lighter version with pink and peach petals rather than orange and bright pink.

This plate is shiny condition with a very crisp transfer, no crazing, and no signs of use! It was made after 2000 and had a modern 1st quality ID mark. Please see the photos and description below.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Pale Honeysuckle Dinner Plate

The Honeysuckle was introduced in 1983 as a dinner plate motif and was retired in 1999. Toward the last few years of this motif, there was also a Pale version with yellow and peach colored flowers versus the brighter pink and orange flowers present on the original flower. Insect arrangements are different on each version as well. The design was inspired by an antique 1835 botanical illustration by William Clarke in the book Moral of Flowers by Mrs. Hey.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Pale Honeysuckle Example ....... Portmeirion Botanic Garden Dark Honeysuckle Example
---> Pale And Dark Honeysuckle Comparison <---

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Pale Honeysuckle Close
---> Close View <---

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Size 10-1/4" across
Transfer Very bright with no fading and great color. No flaws seen.
Ground Very white
Glaze Nice shiny glaze with No crazing!
Chips/Cracks None
Stains None
Use Marks None
Other Comments A minty retired pale version Honeysuckle dinner plate!

The back is marked with a modern, after about 2000, 1st quality backstamp.

---> ID Mark <---

This plate has modern 1st quality Botanic Garden ID mark used after 2000. Please click to button to the right to learn more about this ID mark.
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