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Retired Shape - Unique Dish!

I am pleased to offer a Botanic Garden shell dish featuring a Cyclamen or Cyclamen Repandum flower. The shell bowl shape has not been produced for at least several years and is no longer available.

This dish is in excellent condition with no signs of use or crazing.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Cyclamen Shell Dish

The Cyclamen flower was an original oatmeal bowl motif, introduced in 1972, moved to a B & B plate in 1985, and still remains in production today. There are two different insect and flower versions. The oldest has four flower heads and the newer has nine heads. It was based on an image in an 1840 book,La Flore des Dames by A. Jacquemart.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Cyclamen Shell Dish - Side View
---> Side View <---

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Size Approximately 5-3/4" across, 5-1/2" from top to bottom and 1-1/2" high
Transfer Perfect and colorful without fading or flaws
Ground Very white
Glaze Very shiny glaze and no crazing or other glaze flaw found
Chips/Cracks None
Stains None
Use Marks None
Other Comments A super retired Cyclamen Botanic Garden shell dish!

The back is marked with a smaller Crest ID indicating it was made sometime in the 1990's.

---> Back <---

The back is marked with a '8 2' Crest ID mark. Please click the link to the right if you would like to learn more about this Botanic Garden backstamp.
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